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Mr. François' Cycling Escapades
From Trike to Trike

Starting with a tricycle at the age of four, François Mai has been passionate about cycling his whole life. Now in his eighties, François has come full circle and once again has a tricycle – a modern electric one. In the years between those two trikes, there have been many bicycles, ridden in six different countries on four continents. The pedals of those now dearly departed bicycles have propelled François along countless thousands of kilometres of both commuter and recreational bicycling, and provided the cycle of incidents and stories that fill the pages of this delightful book.

Combining the centuries-old history and development of the bicycle with his own abiding, tireless affection for it, François spins a lively tale of intercontinental solo odysseys and group tours, of crashes and thefts, of scams and glorious scenery, and provides an ongoing endorsement of cycling for the aged. This engaging tour-de-force will delight readers, whether they ride an armchair or a gel-filled saddle.

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