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With Hope in My Heart: Musings of a Spirited Psychiatrist is an autobiographical
account of the life of a resilient, amazing author and psychiatrist, Francois Mai. The
story recounted instances from his time in South Africa as a young lad during the
apartheid era, his high school and college days, the struggles he faced in his career,
health, and family, including his secret ingredient for surmounting all these
challenges. You may as well wish to find out what these ingredients are.
The sincerity of heart is the major key that stood out for me as I read through this
piece. I appreciated the author's sincere spirit as he unashamedly told of his failures
and the wrongs he regretfully could have righted. One of the accounts that warmed
my heart was when he flew from England to South Africa to see his ailing brother,
David. Although his visit didn't yield as many results as expected, it was a huge
sacrifice to make for a dear loved one.
The author speaks up on the injustices perpetuated in our religious, political, and
medical circles to provoke a change in the leaders of the aforementioned circles that
will end molestations, segregation, and 'medical killings', as it were. Through
Francois' fierce battle with two terminal illnesses, I came to believe that the organs in
our bodies can hear and obey us when we speak to them consciously. This part of
Francois' spirituality, strong belief in God, and the warmth he receives from his family
served as a palliative to the throbbing pain surging through his body.

Surely, there is an end to everything on the face of the earth. Even though Francois'
time is nigh, I'm proud of his achievements, both those of the medical and academic
world, respectively. Without a doubt, I know that the many lives he has imparted
would remain eternally grateful that he lived and dispersed hope to all.
I love the glossary at the end of the book and the interesting facts it contains. Not one
bit of a thing was there to dislike about this book. I found just a couple of errors that
did not dissuade me from ascertaining that this book was well-edited. As a result, I'm
glad to rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.
If you are a budding psychiatrist, or perhaps you love to read inspiring
autobiographies of successful career men, then you should have a copy of this great
book. There's so much in here for your perusal.

With Hope in my Heart
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